Hike on the Wild Side – Sign Hill!

Meeting at the trail head on Ridgeview SSF to hike Sign Hill

Photo: Jesse Ruiz

South San Francisco, Ca   March 14, 2017

To most people the iconic view of Sign Hill is timeless – it always has been and it always will be….except not all of Sign Hill is preserved as open space which many do not understand – even those living in the shadows of this jewel within our cement jungle. Currently 20 acres are for sale for $1.2M which includes areas sensitive to endangered species of the Mission Blue Butterfly which the City of South San Francisco has marked as their identifying signature. And for good reason!

Add to that another 26 acres on the northern slope and you will realize MOST of Sign Hill is available for development! (see map below)

Recently the City of South San Francisco Parks and Recreation hosted a hike led by South City residents Loretta Brooks and Chuck Heimstadt to show off the annual spring offerings. Thankfully Jesse Ruiz attended and was able to capture some include photos so we all could see and appreciate what it is we are working to save! According to Loretta Brooks who led the hike it appeared over 60 people were in attendance.

“I really enjoyed the hike and your vast knowledge of our hill. I learned a whole lot and will pass on the knowledge.” writes photographer Jesse Ruiz “Something that caught me particularly off-guard was the importance of preserving California’s native grasslands and plants. It was somewhat of an epiphany.”

Please note much of Sign Hill is currently owned by potential developers and Friends of Sign Hill and SF Peninsula Open Space as well as San Bruno Mountain Watch Conservatory are working behind scenes to secure this property for generations to enjoy as…. open space.


Join our efforts at Friends of Sign Hill and San Bruno Mountain Watch and SF Peninsula Open Space as we work together to preserve this legacy which needs your support!


To add your name to those who want to see this land preserved as open space for future generations to enjoy – please email your City Council members NOW!

Mayor: Pradeep.Gupta@ssf.net

Vice Mayor: Liza.Normandy@ssf.net

Council member: Karly.Matsumoto@ssf.net

Council member: Rich.Garbarino@ssf.net

Council member: Mark.Addiego@ssf.net



Wandering down the trails on Sign Hill to see the wonder that Spring has sprung
Photo: Jesse Ruiz


Through natural ravines the group carried on.
Photo: Jesse Ruiz


The Parcel Map shows the lots currently owned by Developers; 012 351 020, 012 351 030, 012 351 050



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