Letter to Editor: Homeless Family Finally Finds Home Thanks to Community Efforts

South San Francisco, March 14, 2017  Submitted by Stella Miranda

Dear Everything South City:

I want to personally thank Everything South City for placing my former client’s story about her five children were chronically homeless in San Mateo County and seeking the assistance from the County of San Mateo and local Core Center I would like to report Renee C. and her family are finally housed and can begin a new life. Thanks to everyone that took the time to be involved. ( Kamala-Everything So. City, Beth F.-County of San Mateo, Ali S.-County of San Mateo, Marina C.- Pacifica Resource Center and several county elected Officals who helped as well.)

After placing her story in Everything South City and placing several phone calls on her behalf with my prior contacts with the County of San Mateo was able to assist ( Rene C. And her family) to obtain a five year Section 8 Certificate through a different CORE Services Center ( Pacifica Resource Center) as a well coordinated effort with the County of San Mateo. As a huge favor my friend and amazing lead caseworker —Marina Castellanos Direct Services Manager, agreed to take on the case as a courtesy to all involved. Marina is never afraid to tackle challenging cases and works her hardest to help each client to meet their various needs.

Everything South City really made a huge difference with placing follow up articles and allowing Renee C. to place a story asking for a landlord willing to rent to her family with her newly obtained Section 8 Certificate.

All these amazing people working together have really made a difference in this family’s life.

Always remember:

Alone we can can do so little; Together we can do so much.—-Helen Keller

Thank you all for your amazing work. Even if I’m retired I will always do my best to help the residents of the Cities I proudly served for 17 years. ( South San Francisco, San Bruno and Brisbane). Most the people I’ve assisted have found me on social media and I never hesitate to try to find them help.


This is an update to our original outreach – to read that please CLICK HERE

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