Open Letter Regarding PGE Rate Hikes

South San Francisco, CA    March 18, 2017    Submitted by Reah High

PREFACE: This letter was sent to us as an open letter having been addressed and sent to Mayor Clerici of Placerville, CA The PGE rate hikes are a concern to many in our community thus this open letter is of interest to us all. 

Dear Mayor Clerici,

As an El Dorado County resident of more than 25 years, I raised my children here. I survived the crash of the real estate market, but now I’m more frightened than ever because of rising PG&E rates and the effect it will certainly have on our county and our state.

I have been writing my state level elected officials, who actually voted to pass this very rate hike legislation, they must all be to busy to answer a lonely constietuent. I also recently wrote a letter to the editor to the MT Democrat about the issue.

I am attempting to file an official complaint with the CUPC and I need your signature as well as 25 others just to submit it. One look at there unofficial complaint page tells you all you need to know! It’s filled with complaints about the rate increase. The people of our county and our state are begging for help! Unfortunately, so far no one is really listening..

I am at all not impressed or satisfied with Senator Hill efforts at Looking into the issue. Since he was one of the legislators who took, “Maui junkets” from, “Big Oil” before voting for these big oil bills, AB 137 & 1890. His great ideas include spreading the pain from the months of Jan & February, out over the whole year, lol. His other idea is to send customers email when they reach there electric budget! What if it is the middle of the month? Do you “camp out” in your home? The CPUC is very pleased with his suggestions. I say they must be stopped before they create California first climate refugees.

Believe it or not, this is still just the tip of the ice berg. PG&E’s real goal is the single, “Peak use Plan,” for everyone in California. They will start charging $.75 a kwh during the peak hours ‪4-8 pm‬. That is almost double $.45 our current price on the top tier. People are already seeing increases of almost 40% just due to restructure the tier system and a new $10 surcharge added to every customer! This is the opposite of encouraging conservation. I discovered a “Big Oil” publication that states there in a deaths spiral as consumers conserve, they must raise rates and build un needed power plants to keep investors happy! PG&E is also posting profits jump, but they say they won’t profit from this. Who do they think they are kidding?

Please help tell the rest of this story to people of California.


Reah High

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