SamTrans, Caltrain to Use 100 Percent Renewable Electricity from Community Choice Energy Programs

South San Francisco, CA   March 3, 2017  Submitted by Dan Lieberman



The Boards of Directors for SamTrans and Caltrain have voted to expand their use of renewable electricity service options for their respective agencies.

By working with Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) in San Mateo County, both SamTrans and Caltrain will meet their power needs in San Mateo County through 100 percent renewable sources such as solar, wind, and small hydroelectric. In the other counties where Caltrain operates, Caltrain is served by other Community Choice Energy Programs including CleanPowerSF and Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE), and municipal utilities City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) & Silicon Valley Power (SVP). Caltrain will also receive 100 percent renewable energy from these CCEPs and municipal utilities. The remainder of Caltrain’s electricity meters are in locations where CCEPs and municipal utilities do not currently have jurisdiction.

By going renewable, SamTrans will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from electricity use by 40 percent and Caltrain by 20 percent, at costs just 2-3 percent more than what the transit agencies are currently paying.

The CCEP’s renewable energy package was weighed against the existing PG&E package, and was chosen due to its reliability, cost, environmental benefits, administrative procedures, and compatibility with future operations. The electricity will still be delivered in partnership with PG&E on PG&E’s infrastructure and supported by PG&E’s billing and customer service.

By embracing the use of renewable energy both Caltrain and SamTrans are furthering their respective missions to protect our environment,” said Supervisor Dave Pine who also serves as chair of the Peninsula Clean Energy Authority. “Both agencies will join a growing number of businesses, residents and public agencies acting locally to green our electrical grid.”

”We are proud to serve SamTrans and Caltrain with price-competitive 100 percent renewable energy for their operations in San Mateo County,” said Jan Pepper, Chief Executive Officer of PCE. “ECO100 is a choice we give customers who want an affordable way to help reduce emissions from the electricity sector in California.”

The SamTrans Board took the vote on March 1, while the Caltrain Board voted on March 2. For more information about SamTrans’ sustainability efforts, click HERE, and for Caltrain, click HERE.

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