South City Gains Authentic Italian Shop as Teani Deli Opens

South San Francisco, CA   March 2, 2017

South San Francisco folks are glad to see the return of the old style Italian Deli as the Teani family reopens their store on El Camino Real this week. The Teani’s, original owners of Little Lucca’s, are excited to share the old favorites with new customers and those returning from yesteryear, while adding some new spark to a long list of eatables. They even have a sandwich named the Addeigo in honor of  Mark Addeigo!

We have heard a tremendous buzz from those who have stopped by this week to try out the sandwiches. ‘ I dont always post but when I do its about delicious food. Everyone in and around South City needs to hit up Teani’s Deli.’ writes Jeff Poli on our Facebook page ‘The meat is fresh, the spreads are great, and the inside is awesome. Its nice to finally have a deli where the food and service are both amazing.’

When we first shared the news on our Facebook page nearly 300 folks ‘liked’ this immediately with over 50 shares letting others know of the upcoming opening. Fun comments reminiscing of days gone by and catching up with the new ensued and it seems this is exactly what Teani’s Deli will be about. Embracing the past and making that which was old new once again!

Teani’s Deli is open 7 days a week, M-F 8:30-4:30 and Sat & Sun 9-5. They are located at 772 El Camino Real SSF exactly where their original El Camino Market thrived for 47 years.


Mike Teani has the family knack for making killer sandwiches
Photo: Kirsten McLoughlin

‘I just stopped in to see Mike and the sandwiches are bomb!’ says Kirsten McLoughlin ‘My new go to deli’

The Deli is being headed up by Harold Teani and his son Mike and daughters Teresa and Julianna. The family is proud to honor the Italian past of the family, their shops, and our City by bringing back old time favorite cold cuts like Mortadella, Olive Loaf, Coppa, Prosciutto, Salami Cotto, Salami Tuscano, Galantina along with other favs such as tuna fish, liverwurst, egg salad, corn beef, roast beef and more!  They offer daily specials that include tri-tip and shrimp crab sandwiches so check them out often.

The fun shop is filled with great artifacts from yesteryear, a wonderful collection Harold and the family have put together through the years ‘I really had fun putting this together’ Harold told us ‘We look forward to bringing back our old style food with our excellent customer service’

‘Take it from someone that knows his food, go grab a sandwich from Teani’s!’ Jeff Poli exclaims.

We do believe the spirit of Mamma Lucca is alive & well at Teani’s Deli! Now go see for yourself!



Counters full of favorites awaiting your visit
Photo: Angelique Presidente


A great array of Italian favorites fill the shelves at Teani’s Deli
Photo: Angelique Presidente



The board lite up with great sandwich choices awaiting you. Photo: Angelique Presidente


Favorite lunch meats by the pound in a traditional Italian Deli Photo: Teresa Teani



Enjoy browsing their the deli enjoying the sights, sounds and scents of an era gone by in our City.

‘I’ve had a lot of fun collecting these things from friends through the years’ Harold Teani said ‘I look forward to sharing them with a new generation’ Photo: Teresa Teani

All the special touches that bring home the old skool feeling of an Italian Deli Photo: Teresa Teani

Memorabilia abounds along side today’s great sandwiches and Italian goodies. Photo: Teresa Teani

































1 comment for “South City Gains Authentic Italian Shop as Teani Deli Opens

  1. Steve Carey
    April 25, 2017 at 10:01 pm

    Does Teani’s have a website to order their deli items? I met Harold today. I enjoyed my visit to Teani’s. We talked about the La Biscotteria biscotti that he sells in his store. La Biscotteria is an excellent Italian bakery in Redwood City. Harold asked me about other products that La Biscotteria sells. I have their website for him to see if he is interested.

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