South City’s Kaitlyn Becker Heads Off to Guatemala – Let’s Help Her Accomplish Her Goal!

South San Francisco, CA    March 21, 2017  

Some of the sights Kaitlyn is looking forward to seeing as she sets off to help others in Antigua Guatemala

Editors Note: Bob Becker from Longford in West Winston Manor is Kaitlyn’s Dad. A solid education and goals to make the world a better place continue to be the family’s way of life as we can see by Kaitlyn’s desire to help others. 

From Kaitlyn:

“Hello Everyone! I am studying abroad this summer in Guatemala to help kids in school further their education and improve their living standards! If you would like to help I have a fundraising page open for donations. I will be using the donations for the tuition cost and also school supplies/clothes/basic necessities for the kids in Guatemala. If you would like to donate make sure you claim a reward to get something in return! ?
It is such a blessing to have this opportunity and I greatly appreciate every single donation/share! Thank you all! Kaitlyn”

 From Kaitlyn’s Fundraising Page: 

Hello there! My name is Kaitlyn Becker. I would first like to thank you for visiting our page. I am a high school sophomore living in San Francisco, California. In June of this year my friend and classmate, Sabrina, and I are planning to volunteer in Antigua, Guatemala with The Young Dreamer Network. All volunteer work will take place at an elementary school in a small Mayan village approximately 20-30 minutes from Antigua called Vuelta Grande. Our volunteer work will be focused on education, school improvement, and environmental projects. Our main objective will be to serve two long-term programs: academic support and physical school improvement.

I myself have always loved to help others and being able to have this opportunity is truly a blessing but this opportunity isn’t free. In order to participate, we need to fundraise $2000 by June. Part of the money will help cover the costs of the tuition. All other costs will be donated and or used to help the community.

I thank you in advance for anything you’re able to contribute and hope that together we can change others lives. CLICK HERE to donate!


Kaitlyn is working to raise the necessary funds ($2.090) if you can help PLEASE CLICK HERE and thank you for sharing this with others in your contact!

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