South San Francisco Hail Storm Preserved in Pictures

South San Francisco, CA   March 6, 2017

Our region has been experiencing some very crazy weather this past few months coming out of a six year drought and ending with a 100 year storm that has wreck havoc on our State. However in South San Francisco this has brought about some great photo opportunities and we are proud to share the following taken photos taken by our neighbors.

Hail in Brentwood
March 5, 2017
Photo: Mel Ellison


Hail on Rosewood (Brentwood) March 5, 2017
Photo: Vinny Vance


Hail at Skyline March 5 2017
Photo: Willam Shon


Hail on Alta Vista deck
Photo: Debbie Carey


In addition, William Shon has shot a great video of Colma Creek running strong after good heavy rains fell in our City. It is also noteworthy the Creek no longer floods as it did for many years, especially on Canal Street, due to the work done by the San Mateo County Flood Control District years ago. To view the video CLICK HERE to hear this sound of liquid gold!


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