SSFUSD Teachers Demand Raises in the ‘Work to Rule’ Campaign

South San Francisco, CA   March 14, 2017  

This week our SSFUSD teachers will do their jobs according to contract and not further as they continue to petition the School Board for raises – this means NO HOMEWORK CENTERS, NO AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES, NO TEACHERS BEFORE OR AFTER SCHOOL IN THE CLASSROOMS – only what is required per contracts.

“It’s a rolling work to rule. High schools did one week, middle schools were last week, this week its the elementary. It’s a unified line. Teachers can travel less than half an hour and make 10k or more a year.” Sharon Celillo explained in a response to our post on social media “Most don’t want to leave South City as it still has that small town feel and it’s a place where many feel they make a difference. More to come if contract bargains continue to stall.”

“A market rate 2 bedroom apartment in South SF would mean a teacher salary of around 130-150 $k. (budgeting 1/3 for housing)” exclaimed Steve Snelling.

If you would like to make your opinion known to our School Board Trustees they may be reached at:

Board President: Rosa Acosta

Board VP: Daina Lujan

Board Clerk: Patrick Lucy

Trustee: John Baker

Trustee: Patricia Murray

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