Colma Creek Earth Day Cleanup Seeks Volunteers

South San Francisco, CA    April 17, 2017  Submitted by Aaron Francis, SMC 

Colma Creek is part of our local watershed and continues to receive attention from the City of South San Francisco and San Mateo County agencies. Earth Day is the perfect time to come out to see what is at stake and why the regular clean ups are important to us all.

This Earth Day event will take place next Saturday April 22nd from 9am to noon with the meeting place set for the Bay Trail behind Costco on Airport Blvd. While the clean ups are on-going we do know they are making a difference as we see wildlife return to the area. Come see for yourself while meeting with like minded neighbors who also want to make a difference in our City.

More information please contact the County office at 650/829.3840 or 650/363.1872 or CLICK HERE


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