CPTF Earth Day In Sunshine Gardens with Tree Planting Event

South San Francisco, CA   April 22, 2017   Submitted by Tom Carney, City of South San Francisco CPTF Director

Neighbors & CPFT members take a break for photo time.
Photo: Tom Carney

The Community Preservation Task Force (CPTF) held a cleanup and tree planting event in the Sunshine Gardens neighborhood of South San Francisco today in celebration of Earth Day. The  trees were planted by our CPTF members as well cleanup of public property in the area. There was a very good turnout for the event with many happy residents enjoying trees to beautify and bring pride to the area.

The funds raised to purchase the trees came from e-waste events hosted by CPTF and held throughout the year at Fire Station 61. The last e-waste event brought in $2,481, so we greatly appreciate the hard work done leading up to this event today. All the trees were purchased at Lowes in South San Francisco which were all planted in South San Francisco.

The event closed the loop from recycling and waste to planting trees, making our neighborhoods better and helping local business while creating a stronger neighborhood. We want to give a  big thanks to Don Louie from the Parks Department who showed residents how to plant trees, the proper care needed and which were the best trees for the area. Don was the expert on hand for the community and his expertise was appreciated. Our youngest CPTF member was three years old and helped his Mom plant a tree in front of their home, a memory and lesson to last a lifetime.

The E-Waste Event in March at Fire Sta 61 raised $2,481 thanks to CPTF & the community
Photo: Tom Carney


Funds raised through E-Waste Events sponsored by CPTF were used to purchase trees from our local Lowe’s
Photo: Tom Carney


CPTF events are great opportunities for neighbors to meet up with each other
Photo: Tom Carney


Neighbors worked together to bring beauty and pride to their neighborhood
Photo: Tom Carney


Don Louie from the Parks Dept provided the expertise to ensure trees and planting were done to the fullest advantage
Photo: Tom Carney


Helping to plant this tree in his front yard, the 3 year old, youngest in the group, will have a lifetime memory as this tree continues to grow.
Earth day comes full circle from our e-waste funds, purchase & planting of new trees.
Photo: Tom Carney



The Community Preservation Task Force (CPTF),  a volunteer group working under the Fire Administration at the direction of Safety Inspector Tom Carney, who is also a resident of our City.

The CPTF meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month in the Betty Weber room at the MSB 33 Arroyo Drive for a working lunch at 11:30-1pm. The public is welcomed to participate in the meetings and are  encouraged to join in on the many events sponsored by the CPTF including E-Waste events.  More information on this program please click HERE or contact Tom Carney at 867.5130 or email Tom.Carney@ssf.net

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