Donations Needed By The Catholic Worker Hospitality House In San Bruno

South San Francisco, CA   April 11, 2017  Submitted by Carolyn Livengood

Catholic Worker Hospitality House at St. Bruno’s Church in San Bruno is requesting dish and laundry soaps, cleanser, bleach, canned soups, jelly, milk, bread, and money for its ongoing expenses to help those in need.
CWHH has provided hot and hearty meals, food to go, showers, and a safe and welcoming space for its guests since it began on April 1, 1996. The nonprofit is a consistent presence for its guests because of the public’s ongoing support.
“We thank everyone for their past donations and hope the public will continue helping us serve those in need in our community,” CWHH Director Peter Stiehler wrote in a newsletter.
Stiehler also wrote that CWHH is in great need of a new stove and a refrigerator at the Second Avenue house. “The current stove is in bad shape with a broken burner and a temperamental oven. A new stove will cost $450.
“The refrigerator in the garage, which we use to store food for the dining room and shelter, is in bad shape with broken shelves and a door won’t stay closed without a chair in front of it. A replacement will cost approximately $700.
“Any help you can give toward replacing these appliances would be very much appreciated.”
To donate any of the above,  call Peter Stiehler at 650-827-0706.

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