Friends Thanking Friends: Friends of SSF Park and Recreation Review Accomplishments

South San Francisco, CA   April 19, 2017  Submitted by Elizabeth Nisperos

Friends of SSF Park and Recreation came together to celebrate their accomplishments.
Photo: Elizabeth Nisperos


Friends enjoyed great company and good food.
Photo: Elizabeth Nisperos

One of the best secrets in South San Francisco that has been quietly contributing wholesome goals without much fanfare is the Friends of Parks and Recreation. Last April 11, 2017, the organization hosted “Friends Thanking Friends” event for its members and volunteers. Some notable figures present were Mayor Pradeep Gupta and his wife, Vice-Mayor Liza Normandy, Director of the SSF Public Library Valerie Somners and several Commissioners, plus a lot of good-hearted volunteers. The menu consisted of Prawns, Chicken Sandwich platter, Fresh fruit tray, Cheese Platter, Hummus and Vegetables, Desserts, Coffee, Tea and Wine.
The SSF Friends of the Parks and Recreation are:
President: Judy Bush
Vice President: Richard Holt
Secretary: Marie Patea
Treasurer: Bill Block
Directors: Jeanette Holt, John Sana
Liaison: Greg Mediati, Recreation Manager of Parks and Recreation
Judy Bush welcomed the members and listed the organization’s accomplishments for 2016 while the guests applauded the results of their hard-earned work.
Greg Mediati,liaison for Community Services provided the significant contributions such as:

•         $500 donation to both El Camino High School Jazz Band and SSF High School Jazz Band for performing at Concert in the Park
•         Sponsored a $1,000 college scholarship for high school seniors who are entering college to study in the parks and recreation field
•         $750 donation for the purchase of a new sound system for the pool
•         $750 donation used toward the new ballet studio in the Butterfly Room
•         $1,500 for Full of Fun Camp scholarships
•         $ 1,000 for Summer Camp scholarships
•         $ 1,000 for Adult Day Care scholarships
•         Donated snacks and refreshments for families staying overnight for Summer Camp registration
•         Friends volunteers participated in numerous community events, including Concert in the Park and the Movie Night in the Park Series. They also hosted a successful Chili Cookoff Competition, a membership mixer, and a calligraphy workshop instructed by former White House Chief Calligrapher, Rick Paulus


“The entire sum of existence… The magic of being needed by one friend.” is the selected quotation for the Friends. No wonder the group contributions deliver a lot of magic in SSF.




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