Locals Upset Over Downtown Parking Enforcement Extended 2 Hours With Increase Rates Coming

South San Francisco, CA   April 9, 2017  


The City has changed the hours of paid parking in the downtown area requiring visitors to now pay until 8pm, something that has many in the area upset.  “This is crazy” one neighbor told us as she was at a shop on Grand Avenue. “Other Cities offer free parking to encourage downtown visitors, why is our City so unfriendly?” Others like Kathy Hamilton said she was surprised the parking garage was usually only half full when she comes to the area. “I like parking in the garage, but I do worry about potential break ins. But especially in the afternoon when there is so much traffic on Grand, it’s just easier to avoid and go straight to Miller.”

At the same time the meters time limit has been extended from one hour to two hours max, which was a welcome to those who run multiple errands in the area or who use the services. “I always worry when I come get my hair down” Lilly M said “I feel rushed so having the option for another hour is great!”

With massive development construction going on in the area many merchants are also concerned that yet another obstacle with parking will hurt their businesses. “Since this development started on Linden and on Airport we’ve seen a decline in customers” a business owner told us asking that his name be withheld. “I know the changes the City is planning may look good in drawings but the real question is will existing businesses be able to weather the storm, you know, hang on during the construction that is hurting us now.” Another merchant chuckled when told the City was considering an additional parking structure  in the area “It took over 20 years to finally have the parking garage built, and they had to use redevelopment money to do it because the parking district funds, which were to pay for the garage, had been diverted to the general fund. I don’t believe a word that comes out of that place (City Hall)”

Also on the agenda is increasing the parking rates which the Parking Place Commission will be discussing at their meeting today at 5pm at City Hall.

Many residents in the area who are forced to purchase parking permits to park in front on their homes are upset as well. “They really need to give us homeowners a break. No one else in the City has to pay to park in front of their home, it’s not right that we have to.”

For those who would like to share feedback please contact DPW Justin Lovell at justin.lovell@ssf.net or 829-3895.

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