Alta Loma Middle School Band Plays Union Square with Director Mr. Ferreira

South San Francisco, CA   May 4, 2017  Submitted by Joy Deinla via ESC/FB

“Nothing like a beautiful day enjoying the sweet sound of the Alta Loma Middle School Band.” Joy Deinla posts to our Facebook page “Mr. Ferreira is truly the best!!” as she shares this great photo of our Alta Loma Middle School Band playing sweet tunes this Thursday afternoon in Union Square San Francisco.

Photo credit: Joy Deinla


Comments following the posting of this photo turned to the talk of Mr Ferreira’s retirement as Marilyn Pagan wrote ‘I love the Spring Concerts he has for them. I miss them! And he will be truly missed. Happy for him and his family yet sad for Alta Loma’s music program!’
We agree.

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