Goats Remain the Best Weed Eaters as Seen in Paradise Valley

South San Francisco, CA    May 26, 2017

Each year a herd of goats appears on the large hill off of Randolph Avenue that separates the Paradise Valley and Pecks Lot neighborhoods in South San Francisco. And each year we receive many fun photos taken by curious passerby’s. The goats are penned in specific areas which are moved as they clear the potential fire brush away.

These are the photos we have received in the past two days. So for those who are wondering – yep the goats are natures best way of weeding large areas! We will be adding more photos if/as they come in – thanks to all for sharing!

Lisa M shares a photo of the goats on the PGE easement hill near her Paradise Valley home

Nicole L brings the little ones to delight in the sight of local goats clear the weeds on the hill near their Paradise Valley home.


Marguerite Santy‎ spies the goats from her Sterling Terrace home across Hillside


Jeff Hsieh paused when he saw the goats, snap this photo and sent it to us asking “Anyone know why there were so many goats on the hill?”\


The goats appearance is an annual delight as a few photos captured from previous years are shared below:


This photo was taken from Randolph Blvd

In 2015 it appears some of the goats were trying to make a run for it but our SSFPD made short of their escape!


UPDATE: Thanks to Tom Carney for letting us know our friendly visitors were leaving this morning, Saturday May 27th. ‘The goats are leaving town this morning, between 7am and 9 am, in two loads.’

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