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South San Francisco, CA  May 15, 2017  Submitted by SSF Resident Professor Marc Gottlieb

Real classes with real in-person instruction and answers to your questions.

Call the nice Admissions Office people on 650/574-6165 now (while there’s still some room in the classes), to learn when and how you can enroll.  OPEN TO EVERYONE.  (Those that were unable to get in last year are especially invited to sign up now).  A great opportunity for anybody who’s ever thought about real estate: very practical and FULLY ACCREDITED.


Summer Real Estate Principles 100 (Course Registration Number 50730, Tuesday and Thursday evenings).  This course provides most of the legal information you need to get a license (with RE110, please see below, and one more course).

Summer Real Estate Practice 110 (Course Registration Number 54642, Monday and Wednesday evenings).  This course provides most of the rest and looks at the legal and practical aspects of sales and other career opportunities.

Questions about how to enroll? just call the very nice Admissions folks on 650/574-6165.

Questions about classes? happy to assist you… just email:

Real Estate is reportedly the number One source of personal wealth in America, and provides several high-potential career opportunities.  These courses are fully accredited for licensure and college credits – but you can sign up and take these classes regardless of your career or academic plans!  (Folks also join us to learn something about RE before  trying to purchase….)

College of San Mateo is a local public, not-for-profit community college. The campus is very easy to get to, with plenty of parking, from almost anywhere in the Area.  All Are Welcome at CSM!

(Please note that regular class participation/attendance is required so take any vacations before or after, thanks!  These are real accredited in-person courses, not just email or correspondence affairs.  Also, space in these classes is limited and the small fees must be paid by May 30th to keep your place in any CSM summer course(s).  (There is an active financial aid program, too, just ask and the very nice $$ people will try to assist you if you need it.)

Recommendation:  enroll as early as possible and pay fees at same time if at all possible.  Thank you for your understanding and WELCOME, WELCOME TO CSM!)


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