SSFHS Alumna Maryam Khan to Receive Honors at SF State Graduation

South San Francisco, CA   May 17, 2017  Submitted by Matt Reed, News Writer, University Communications SFSU

Maryam Khan will receive honors at the SFSU graduation
Photo: SFSU


Maryam Khan, a native of South San Francisco and a graduate of South San Francisco High School, has been selected by the College of Science & Engineering at San Francisco State to represent her peers as the top graduate student from her college at Commencement on Thursday, May 25.

Khan became fascinated with structural engineering by looking at the huge skyscrapers in downtown San Francisco. In studying for a master’s degree in Structural and Earthquake Engineering, she learned how to design a resilient structure to last through a large magnitude earthquake.

Khan worked as a research assistant in the Structural Lab for Multi-Hazard Mitigation, helped with STEM workshops for visiting K-12 students and with outreach events for campus recruiting and mentored sophomore-level community college students by introducing them to graduate-level research projects. She’s interested in encouraging girls and other young women to enter the STEM fields, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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