Designer Center to Close their Doors After 45 Years in Tanforan Mall

South San Francisco, Ca    June 20, 2017 From our FB pg. 

SSF neighbor Gary C shared this notice on our Facebook


Ed Kaplan, graduate of Capuchino High School and owner of Designers Center is closing up shop after 45 years at The Shops at Tanforansignaling the harsh reality our online buying habits hitting too hard on our local neighbors #SmallBiz.
This is something we need to remember when we shop online- please shop local brick & mortar when you can!!
Thanks Ed for the years of beauty you brought to us all, and best on your new journey.
(thanks to Gary C for the heads up)



When we shared this on our social media there was quite a reaction with 35 shares, 100 ‘likes’ of acknowledgment, and 30 comments as noted below. Please feel free to add your own thoughts and memories as we say good-bye to another local institution.


William S: That’s too bad, best of luck in your new endeavor, good job hanging in there all these years, 45 years is a good run.
Most small businesses won’t reach that milestone, many large businesses don’t either. Look at Comp USA, The Good Guys, Circuit City, Sport Mart. Best buy is struggling as is Sears, neither is going to be around for much longer without major change.
Brian K: Congratulations on a great run, Ed. You should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished!
Stephen D: Thank you for serving our community with respect and fairness to all your customers. Enjoy your retirement…?
Sue R: Brought so many things from here…
Donna D: My parents bought things there.
Amy D: I’m going to miss the Christmas decorations, and the cookie jars. Very sad.
Jeannette Y: Have you noticed how many shops are closed in Tanforan?
Laura M: I loved this shop, sad how convenience has pushed out the brick and mortar stores.
Evelyn Z: Our family has been a good customer for years. Thank you Mr. Kaplan. Many blessings to your future endeavors.
Renee R: Best of luck loved your store
Korina J: Best of luck to you Ed!!!!
Sandy C: Wishing you thr best of luck Ed!!
Veronica S: This place is where Erica Valle and me got our first job. We started gift wrapping for the holidays and left as sales associates. Learned a lot here and have good memories. Best of luck!
Marissa M: I worked for Ed and with Ed and had so many great memories at DC. Bittersweet indeed ?
Cain A: Thank you!
Lee G: Yes, Ed we had a good time, great, employees and great customers. Good Luck to all.
Fred H: Sorry to hear this! Lee and Ed were always so good to my wife, her Mom and our daughter during their hey day of collecting Disney memorabilia!
Carole F: I saw that recently and was surprised and saddened.
Tina P: So sad, I will miss the Design Center. Best of luck Ed!
Marcia G: It was a great store! Many customers will miss the store. Good luck in your next venture.
MaryAnn S: I am saddened to hear this. I remember my time working there fondly. Best of luck to you Ed.
Edward C:  This is terrible. They always had a great selection of Disney items and I had bought more quite a few. Customer service was top notch and so friendly. Im really going to miss this place.
Pam M: Riechel We may not have been their best customer, but never bought anything we could get from DC anyplace else. Definitely going to miss them. Ed and Lee were always good to us all!
Debbie E:  Wishing you all the best on your next adventure Ed!
Antonio V: Yeah. Sorry. I need to take care of me and mine before anyone else. Online is cheaper.
Edwin T:  Ed’s such a great guy. His charm and personality surely made it fun to shop for gifts for my wife at Designer Center. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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