Who is Going to the San Mateo County Fair? ESC GAME ON Winners Announced!

South San Francisco, Ca   June 8, 2017

Everything South City once again held a GAME ON for tickets to the San Mateo County Fair and once again the response was incredible. We only wish we could find a way to get everyone there! (At the very bottom of this article we have a list of SMC Fair promotions including free or discounted admission.) 

To all those who played; thank you for sharing your memories and wishes with us as you can see there is much love for our annual tradition! Winners have until 9pm this evening to contact us at News@EverythingSouthCity.com or we will need to move onto the next winner.


ESC Prizes include:



ONE Special Prize:  $150

Winners are randomly chosen by assigning each entry with a number and having a 3rd party call the numbers.

This year, in addition to our random drawing, we have added one special prize and have chosen a very special contestant based on her entry memory and will be gifting **GRACE MAUBERRET and her Nephew $150 so they can make new memories! 



We have added a ‘Special Prize’ category to allow Grace and her nephew the opportunity to enjoy a day at the Fair on us, and we thank her nephew for his selfless service in our US Military. Grace’s entry caught our eye, and heart: ‘In 1982, I took my five-year-old nephew to the San Mateo County Fair.  He was afraid of all tall or fast rides. Fast forward 20 years–the scared little boy became a Marine Corps helicopter pilot, with 5 deployments to Iraq, and is now a major in the reserves. Neither of us has been back since, and it would be a wonderful treat! Thank you.’














Cheryl Z: I have lived here 17 years and worked on Alameda De La Plugas. I never saw outside the office and was extremely busy. Just getting time off on this Friday, would be a god send, with War playing! I must go to the SanMateo County fair. That’s my summer fun night dream for the season.


Brigid C: I am entering to win the fair tickets. I have many great memories of going to the fair. I particularly enjoy the floral exhibits, seeing the livestock, and of course the pig races! The rides and arcades are also very enjoyable! It is always a great time!


Hana L: why I want to go My mouth dreams of eating deep-fried everything on a stick. The joy and laughter of people will sound like music to my ears, as well as the live performances. I might be a romantic, as I want to end the night with a ride on the Ferris wheel looking up at the moon and stars. The San Mateo County Fair sounds more than fair.


Evelyn M: I would like to go and take my kids. I have three kids and my twins have never been and it would be their first time!


Louise W: I have not been to the fair in so many years since I was young!   I love trying to win prizes and the fair food. Ohhh yummmmmm!!!!!!!!


Monica A: Hi there,San Mateo is my favorite county fair . I go every year , except last year I couldn’t make it . I hope I can win tickets so I can FINALLY bring my husband with me ( he doesn’t want to spend much money on tickets because I lost my job) along with our 1 year old son. I would want to keep the tradition going with my son just like my parents did for me. I remember seeing the animals when I was younger and as I grew older , I enjoy spending time my family and running into friends at the fair. Well, Good luck to me !


Deya A: I would like to win the tickets to take my daughters so that they can have fun. We have never being there before. Thank you!


Rodriguez M: I love going to the fair and take my 8yr old i love to see his face full of happiness when he rides the rides and eats delicious cotton candy


Nancy G: One of my favorite memories I have at the San Mateo County fair is that I take my son and have him ride the Ponies and take a picture of him. Its our tradition and we can see how much he grows every year.


Shannon C: My favorite memory of the San Mateo county fair was from when I was 12. My aunt lived in an area near the fair and always got free tickets. She gave my mom and I tickets and we had the best time. We walked around for hours and looked at amazing things.I wish my aunt still lived behind the fair in San Mateo, but she moved to Discovery Bay due to cost of living. If I won tickets I would take my family and make new memories with my three sons.Thanks


Carol V: The County Fair truly is where tradition meets innovation, from individual entries in flower arranging, sewing, and home grown vegetables to the marketplace where fair goers can purchase the latest gadget for kitchen or car. Live entertainment includes staples such as the Alaskan Pig Races and the Hyptnotist to musical and dance acts for all. And the food, where else can you get a deep fried Oreo or a brick of curly fries?! That settles it, lets head out to the fair!


Grace M: In 1982, I took my five-year-old nephew to the San Mateo County Fair.  He was afraid of all tall or fast rides. Fast forward 20 years–the scared little boy became a Marine Corps helicopter pilot, with 5 deployments to Iraq, and is now a major in the reserves. Neither of us has been back since, and it would be a wonderful treat!Thank you.


Jason G: My favorite Fair memory is when I took my then girlfriend now wife, we went for first time, I never truly believed she was scared of heights until I convinced her to go on the Ferris wheel, she clinged to the center pole of the gondola till ride ended, I remember the ride attendant looked like he had fallen asleep so it was hard to get him to stop it for us


Gina M: My favorite memory of the SM County Fair is from when I was a little kid.  My mom would let me “play hookie” from school for a day and would take my best friend and I to the fair.  We would have a genuine girls day and it was so special to our hearts.  Winning these tickets would be such a heartwarming sentiment to remind us of the old times and making new memories together at the Fair!


Kris P: I love taking my kids to the San Mateo county fair they have always had a good time plus we like to go and see all the vendors and all of the but as cost of living goes up it gets harder and harder to do fun stuff like this and enjoy a summer day at the fair with the kids ..So I hope to win thanks everything south city


Veejay V: The reason I would like to go … so that my wife and kids can experience all the fun and joy the San Mateo County Fair has to offer as well as being the precursor of many more things to come and experience this summer.


Shawna N: Hello Everything South City!!  Entering to hopefully get blessed & win the grand prize for my fam of 5 who definitely deserves a fun time to forget real life & just have fun together after going through some very tough times these last few months 🙁 Both my & my husbands dads passed away 10 days apart unexpectedly & the kids have been so sad missing them both. The kids have never been to our county fair & grandpa wanted to take us all this year 🙁 Financially we can’t afford to do it without grandpa because we only have 1 income & considering the cost of living here that’s just enough to get by with no room for extras. I would LOOOOOVE to surprise them with this fun day… Crossing everything that we WIN!!!! Hoping & Praying


Randy F: Hi, I’ve been to the State Fair of Texas, but not the San Mateo County Fair. I never thought I’d enjoy a fair as much as the one in Dallas. I really look forward to hearing the musical guests at the San Mateo County Fair!


Joesph B: I’d love to win those tickets! We went to the fair a few years ago and had a blast. The only bummer was that we bought a bunch of ride tickets for my eldest son, who at the time was 3 years old.  Next thing we know, he gets denied at every ride because he’s on the short side. He was definitely disappointed and we ended up giving the tickets away to another family in line. Well he is short no longer (for the most part )! He is a tall, lanky 5 year old with beaming enthusiasm for life and especially for events like the fair. I would LOVE to win these tickets to the fair and show him, and the rest of our family, an amazing time.


Will V: As you can imagine I have never gone, I’ve been a San Mateo Co resident forever…But now I have two wonderful beautiful boys – you can see them here I’d love to take my family and have my oldest son have the best time of his life at the San Mateo Co Fair..something I clearly did not do.Thank you for the consideration!


Marie T: My favorite memory of the fair is when I took my son (24 years ago) and he won first place in a baby crawling contest! I would love to bring my granddaughter(his daughter) and experience the fun all over again!


Kylie: Loved seeing Night Ranger with my parents at the fair in 2007!


Brandi:  I loved sharing Night Ranger with my kids. What a night and I love the exhibition halls!



Serina L.:  The San Mateo county fair is a way for our family to celebrate summer with the children. It’s been a yearly tradition since I was a little girl and we keep it going. We love the rides laughter entertainment and the food!!!


Shellica: Our family has never been to the fair in San Mateo, so we’d love to see



Steve: I would love to go to fair… so I could enjoy one of these monster corn dogs again! There awesome!


Betty Joe: I want a funnel cake ‪:)



Brenda H.: I haven’t been to this fair! I loved going as a child to my hometown fair, now i can take my kids to their hometown fair.



Kristy C: My favorite memory is going as an adult, taking my kids! They love playing the games and trying to win prizes. We have pretty good luck with the dart game ‪ We also have fun looking at the SSF Improving Public Places garden exhibits. We usually win a few awards for the city each year!



Ava R:  My favorite fond memories were the rides as a child but as a adult it’s the culinary



Michelle: Best memories, definitely taking my kids to the fair with my mom. This was one of the last times we went with her before she passed away in 2009. Baby girl was only 2 weeks old! What was I thinking!? But so happy to have this memory now.


Megan:  I love watching my daughter enjoy the rides & family time! ‪



Deb:‪ My grandmother used to enter her baked goods, preserves, and things she made by knitting/crochet in the San Mateo County Fair every year. When I was old enough, she encouraged me to enter my own baked goods. It was a tradition that I miss.



Jo:‪ Love seeing the award winning exhibits from SSF’s Improving Public Places committee (IPP)



Juliana:  I haven’t taken my 5 year old son to the county fair since he was 2 years old, unfortunately my work schedule has always been an issue with taking my son and I’m sure he would love going this year since mommy is on maternity leave and this will be the last time we go as a family of 3. We would love tickets!



Karen: Spent many years at the fair when I was in 4-h raising sheep and steers and showing them at the fair my whole family was involved great times and many great memories would love to see how it is now and see the animals the 4-h kids have now



Cynthia: I want to go see WAR with my sister, we seen them at Alameda county fair back in 2015 and this year we will be taking our kids! Gotta keep good music alive and pass it on to the next generation!



Cristina‪ I love to go to see the concerts at dia de la feria and love the funnel cake the only time i really make time to go out .i work graveyard six days



Kristen: I love going to the San Mateo county fair bc of my kids. They have so much fun exploring the different exhibits, eating the yummy food, riding rides, and just being around good people.. I would love it if we could go this year before we welcome our newest addition at the end of this month. I think the fair is a great place for the family to get out of the house and spend some family time together surrounded by our community . Here’s a picture of the kids last year enjoying the giant slide. It was their first time and the look of pure joy on their faces makes going to the fair so enjoyable



Michelle: I wanna Rock!! I saw Joan Jett there and Rick Springfield too!



Jeniffer:  One of my favorite memories from long ago was going to the all 4 one concert while I was pregnant with my oldest. She danced in my belly the whole concert.



Jennifer C:  I want to go to see those cute little piglets race around the track! It’s my favorite part of the fair!



Deb B Eating fair food until I almost puke, deep fried everything. Can’t wait to go back. Get there before gates open, see everything, pig races, and leave around 5pm. I wanna win!


Stacy: I used to go as a kid, to many years ago, and my mom and dad always bought a pepper steak sandwich for dinner.. I always thought it was part of the fiesta, that’s what we called the fair!! And I always used to fill out as many of those “free giveaways” at the booths… (We won a lot of steak knife sets…), and would get calls for months of vacuums!!! Oh those memories .. I also always win a gold fish!!!!



Angelique:  Had so much fun with my family last year!! Would love to have the chance to do it all over again!! From the butterfly exhibit to the rides and all the cool exhibits and food in between, we had such a wonderful time. I used to dance in the fair when I was younger, so many fond memories!!



Allison M:‪ My sisters and I grew up at the fair, every year knowing all the great booths and food that waited for us. Not to mention the rides! Being scared to death on the zipper, and trying to raise our hands on the impossible “space ship ride” we love visiting the 4H animals, and are bringing the next generation of our family there. I had such a blast dancing to The Time last year. Can’t wait to go again!



Genevieve: Work nearby the fairgrounds and my awesome boss bought us all tickets and we went during our lunch. We had so much fun eating turkey legs, gyros, corn dogs, etc. before jumping on the rides. We all felt pretty ill when we got back to work (can’t handle the foods + rides like we used to be able to as kids, lol), but had no regrets. Lol ‪:) Also have great memories watching tower of power and the pig races with friends ‪<3 ‪:)



Tari: I’ve never been to any fair before! Would love to check it out. Like reading about everyone’s memories:)


Vannessa: I would just like to go to have a good time with my kids l, they love to see the animals and do the art activities but it’s not in our budget this year’s since it’s too expensive to live in san Mateo county plus were moving so hopefully will be there next year



Jhen:  I would love to go to the fair coz i wanna bring my 2 kids there to experience such thing. We’ve never been to one..


Jaime: Every year our family looks forward to the fair, and now this will be my daughter’s first fair and god willing many more to come!! ‪



Kathy: When I saw this I started trying to think of the last time I went, and I seriously can’t remember Must mean I am overdue to go ‪ ‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪



Joe: ‪ I’d love to win those tickets! We went to the fair a few years ago and had a blast. The only bummer was that we bought a bunch of ride tickets for my eldest son, who at the time was 3 years old. Next thing we know, he gets denied at every ride because he’s on the short side. He was definitely disappointed and we ended up giving the tickets away to another family in line. Well he is short no longer (for the most part ‪)! He is a tall, lanky 5 year old with beaming enthusiasm for life and especially for events like the fair. I would LOVE to win these tickets to the fair and show him, and the rest of our family, an amazing time.



‪Thelma:  I love taking my nieces every year. They love the rides, food and the baby animals.



‪Anauski: I would love to take the kids again! Last time we went was 2011 and it was our kids first face paint. now we have a total of 3 kids! Time flies.



Amanda: Very excited to go see Tower of Power at this year’s fair! I think my kids are finally big enough to last for an evening concert!



Angie:  I’m like fair and I love go to see animals people I like everything South city



Caitlyn D. Took our then 3 year old daughter. She wanted to win a goldfish at the ping pong game booth. We told her it was very difficult to win. Bought some balls and my husband and I tried. No go. Had the last ball. She took it and slam dunk. She was so proud of herself. Unfortunately “Fishy fish” didn’t last beyond two days. She wants to try again. Let’s go to the fair!



‪Judy:  We love the fair and look forward to it each year. Win or lose we will be there Saturday!



Sam P I haven’t been to the fair for over 10 years LOL. I remember I was 2nd place in the paper airplane competition. Won a huge bracelet bead set. It was super cool. I’d love to go again win or not. LOL



Jeff: Spend quality family time together



Linda D Went on a date to the fair and saw Hal Ketchum in concert. My date and I began to two-step in the aisle and soon many couples joined us. Hal Ketchum thanked us for dancing to his music! Best time ever at the fair!



Melissa MI went as a kid and then took my older two there every year they loved the pig races I would love to take my youngest son there now that he is three and my older to so they can reminisce



Gloria L:  Moved from the bay area back in 1989. Sure would love to win!



Angelica R. My friends and I have been going for years. Every year I love seeing the chickens. I just find them very fascinating. I’m also in awe of all the different things on display like the quilts, flowers and collections. I guess the WHOLE fair itself would be my favorite memory because I love everything about it.


Jocelyn R.:Because I want to build the same great memories for my daughter, that I have from my childhood



Jennifer L. Its a family tradition to go over year!!



Helen:  I got on stage and was hypnotized and apparently did some crazy things while under – never did I think it would work on me go figure ‪



L.: My aunt lived behind the fair and would get free tickets. She gave a pair to my mom and I and we always had an amazing time walking around.



Carol F.: Last time I went to the San Mateo Fair was a few years ago … My nieces were part of the Mexican dance show n we got to see the perform after that we all went to check out the concert then brought the younger ones to ride some rides n have a corn dog … We also love stopping by the food area good variety our favorite was the Chinese plates n corn dogs … Its a great place to get all the family together n enjoy the day … I would love to win the tickets … Thank you for this opportunity hope I win



Karla R. I remember feeling super excited going to the fair, now I would LOVE to take my kids on their first time to the fair. I just can picture their little faces of excitement!!! ‪



Heather S.  Every year we go no matter what the whole family gets together and spends that one day together. Kids enter crafts in fair mom enters baked goods and veggies as well. Love the county fair ‪:)



Carmen G: I love this county fair… I’ve missed the last couple years but I’d love to hit up a concert!!


Laura W:  I remember the first time we took our kids to the fair they were fascinated with the sheep and goats.



Brian T.:‪ Years ago, My wife and I live close bye and spontaneously went and stumbled upon the band Night Ranger. Had a great time.



Cristina S:  We would love to win tickets because for the past couples years we have had to skip the fair cause its just tip expensive for a family of 6 to go and purchase the braclets for our boys to ride the rides.



Mar N:  I like riding the rides till I’m dizzy, then grabbing a corn dog and playing games


G: Bring on the summer while making great memories again with my 6 year old daughter. We go every year. We love it. Ist year we did win a fish then had to get more fish. Great memories



Evelyn L:  I would love to take my kids. My twins have never been, so this would be their first time!



Sharon B: We love going for the food!!



Sarah V:  My favorable memories are with my daughter in2009 riding the strawberries and doing the petting zoo. I love how they have concerts and great food



Maribel A.: Have loved attending the fair because all of us have fun. There are always interesting things to see and buy  for adults. The kids love the rides and animals. Lets,not forget all the great, delicious food and entertainment is fabulous! Even though now my kids are all grown up I now go with my honey and friends to enjoy music and walking around to see what vendors are selling. We end it with a delicious sweet treat like ice cream or waffle cake mmmmm  <3 San Mateo County fair!



Dianna H: We all go to the fair, every year, even though it seems to get smaller . I started taking my grandson when he was a baby, he’s now 14 Gotta love it. Have to have my corn dog fix



Kris A: I LOVE the fair! I enter my deserts and sometimes roses, vegtables and home grown fruits and jams depending on the unpredictable South San Francisco weather the previous season. This year I had nothing to offer as my garden tanked due to winter flooding in So. City, but I still would LOVE to take my kids and grandchildren to the fair and show them that it is about sooooo MUCH MORE than just the rides… and give them memories to last a LIFETIME!…and Aaaah FUNNEL CAKE! Mmmmm!


Heidi:Haven’t been since the fair was moved to earlier in the summer. I used to enjoy picking up recipes, marveling at beautiful quilts, hearing my husband say “your baked goods look so much better than anything here.”





Attendees are encourage to use public transportation, parking lot $12

Other Fair Promotions:

Saturday, June 10
Fair Parade
Disaster Preparedness Day SSF CERT will be attending!
Free Admission for the first hour

Monday, June 12
Kids Day (ages 12 & younger) – Free Admission

Tuesday, June 13
Senior Day (age 62 & up) – Free Admission
$2 Admission till 3pm

Wednesday, June 14
Free till 3pm

Friday, June 16
Show School ID and get $5 admission

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