Access to Local School Fields Denied for Summer

South San Francisco, CA   July 12, 2017  


On July 8th‎ Carole Brady-Duport‎ posed this question on our Facebook page

“Does anyone know why there is a lock on the new gate to Sunshine Gardens School play yard for the smaller children? There has always been a gate, but I don’t remember it ever being locked. (The other play yard is wide open.)”

After much information sharing and discussion on our public forum, Willum Walsh followed up with the district office and offered this response today:

“So I have spoke to the facility’s department and el Camino field is closed to the public for the entire summer. They are installing lights.

I also asked about Sunshine gardens this has also been locked and closed to the public.

So what little public park/access we had had been taking away.”

The District had said in the past the fields would be open to the public as Sunshine Gardens neighborhood has no other park or open space for the children to enjoy. El Camino High School field was to remain open allowing the public to utilize what they are paying for in increased taxes due to Measure J.

It appears no outreach was offered and there is no information on the district website giving any information.


July 16, 2017

Thank you to Mr. Michael Krause, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services, SSFUSD for this update today:  The District has placed a link on the front of its web page which takes anyone to the Facilities page with a message about the closure. At any time, anyone is welcome to email District staff or call us (650/877.8700) to inquire about any of our facilities.

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