Letter to Editor: Walmart in 2017

South San Francisco, CA   July 9, 2017  by Linda Gomez

Editors note: This is an excellent example of what may happen when a city/region rely solely on one company or industry that replaces smaller businesses and the impact the community realizes when that specific company or industry leaves the area. 

Dear Editor:

When South City entertained an idea of a Walmart a few years ago, to bring its boxes to local residents, some people weren’t convinced they were as bad for the local small businesses in our downtown.
Today, there is still  grumbling, that SSF should have a Walmart.
The implication is that their low prices is a good thing but missing the larger message of the devastation in causes small downtown businesses. Also, that the tax payer subsidizes their ‘low prices’ by not offering health insurance to Walmart employees families and encourage them to apply for foodstamps and other  tax payer funded programs.  That is the high cost of having the “low price leader”
Today their caustic effect is still felt but happy that our community stood up for local small businesses and working families and against this corporate predator.
– Linda Gomez
{This link was provided by Ms Gomez from The Guardian which details the downfall of a community after Walmart moved out after a 10 year run in which time other businesses failed, leaving residents dependent on Walmart’s coming and going….)
CLICK HERE ‘What happened when Walmart left;In West Virginia, the people of McDowell County can’t get jobs, and recently lost their biggest employer – the local Walmart store. They describe the devastating loss of jobs, community and access to fresh food

by in McDowell County, West Virginia

When Walmart left town, it didn’t linger over the goodbyes. It slashed the prices on all its products, stripped the shelves bare, and vanished, leaving behind only the ghostly shadow of its famous brand name and gold star logo on the front wall of a deserted shell. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

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