Showcasing a local beloved South San Francisco business: Hairline

South San Francisco, CA   July 21, 2017  by Maryanne Mathiesen


Betty, Ike and Anita create a welcoming community gathering within their business at Hairline Photo: Maryanne Mathiesen


As I enter Hairline, I am greeted by the beautiful and handsome familiar faces sharing the glorious news of their client, Evelyn Martin, who is celebrating her 99th birthday today. A horn honks outside and at 99 years old, the client briskly stands, gathers her belongings and wishes everyone in Hairline happiness, health and blessing on her way out. One cannot help but think that you surely do not see that everyday.

(EDITORS NOTE: Please see below for more on Evelyn Martin’s 99th birthday at Hairline)


I have come to Hairline today so that my 16 year old daughter can get Summer highlights that our South San Francisco weather struggles to give her naturally. It is here, in this South San Francisco business, where I am overwhelmed with a deep sense of community that lovingly resides. Watching Betty, Anita and Ike groom and care for their customers like family makes me feel so grateful to be in their presence.


Hairline, located in the Sunshine Gardens Center – 1164 Mission Road, in South San Francisco, was created out of an idea to cut, create and sculpt hair into the current fashions for all to enjoy. What Hairline has become is a local treasure; a place to go to not only look better but feel better as well. That is what Hairline’s owner, Betty Reyes does Tuesday through Saturday from 9:30am to 5:30pm. Betty assists all who walk through her doors to look their best and feel even better when they leave.


A South San Francisco local, graduate of South San Francisco High School, Betty followed the footsteps of her older sister Anita who was already enrolled in beauty school. With the help of her brother, Javier Valencia, Betty opened Hairline on December 3, 1987. The name alone is poetic and appropriate for this salon because it is a lifeline in the lives of many of our beloved Bay Area residents. Hairline will be celebrating it’s 30th birthday this year.


Hairline, located in the Sunshine Center, will be celebrating their 30 year anniversary.
Photo:Maryanne Mathiesen



Betty, along with her sister, Anita are busy with clients cutting, coloring and sharing stories of celebrations, life and daily news. Right out of a Barber Shop, Ike Sanchez is also at Hairline to cut and groom the fellows. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Anna Lam is the Nail Technician on site. These amazing women and men of Hairline are angels right here in South San Francisco.


As I watch, I observe Betty filing a client’s nails in between haircuts because Anna, the Nail Technician is not in today. Betty does this as a matter of fact while the client is under the hairdryer just to make sure that her client is happy. Anita is busy coloring hair and has 2 clients, including my daughter, to attend to. Anita makes sure each client is comfortable and has what they need while they are in her care. Ike just sat a gentleman down into his chair for a quick haircut and wonderful conversation about the news currently streaming through the sounds of the television above. It is engaging and entertaining to listen to. With the swift moves of his hair clippers, Ike transforms his client into a more dapper version of his self before he walked in.


These are the stories of days gone by. Or so I thought. I witnessed each person who walked into Hairline being attended to and heard their lives being discussed with kindness, thoughtfulness and consideration to the conversation that I thought only existed in movies. I catch a glimpse of my daughter’s face from the mirror where she sits and see the beginning of what will become the biggest smile on her face. I know her smile is because of her beautiful highlights she just received from Anita.


As 30 years of business approaches, this is for certain: Humanity, kindness, care and great hair are alive and thriving at Hairline! Thank you Betty, Anita, Ike and Anna for the services and comfort you provide. You make this local South San Francisco business more than just a business. . . You continue to make Hairline a beautiful second home to many.


A birthday cake complete with candles and singing was presented to South City’s Matriarch Evelyn Martin on her 99th birthday by Betty and Anita, owners of Hairline. Evelyn’s birthday wish is for all to enjoy life as she has, that they have good health and that the good Lord protect them. To view this fun video please  CLICK HERE



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[…] To read about Evelyn’s 99th birthday CLICK HERE. […]

Morey White
Morey White
6 years ago

Great article, my Dad Ike has been cutting hair since I was little. I remember he wanted me to go to a hair show, when I was around 13 or so, to be a model and get my long hair cut and styled. My grandpa would have nothing to do with it. He gave my Dad a very firm “you loca in the cabeza.” Your article is spot on, regarding the warmth and care of the salon. I’m going to add Talent, (I hope you don’t mind) because cutting, styling, blow drying and even shampooing at the sink (so relaxing) is an art. HairLine is just that, Lines in the Hair.

Consider us bias daughters,
Morey and Staci