South San Francisco Police Department “Tickets” Local Youth for Exhibiting Good Behavior

South San Francisco, Ca   July 3, 2017  Press Release City of South San Francisco

SFPD Partners with 7-Eleven and Rewards Youth with Slurpees©

The South San Francisco Police Department (SSFPD) is serving up sweet justice to local youth by rewarding them with “tickets” for being a good citizen, being street smart by observing safety rules, wearing their bicycle helmets and safety gear, and doing good deeds. Children can redeem their tickets, which are actually coupons, for free Slurpees© at area 7-Eleven participating stores.

“The SSFPD is pleased to be participating in ‘Operation Chill©‘ with 7-Eleven to reward South San Francisco children for their good behavior,” said Police Chief Jeff Azzopardi. “It’s been rewarding for our officers to acknowledge children’s good behavior whether they are observed picking up litter, looking both ways before crossing the street, helping with outside chores, and being good citizens.” Chief Azzopardi says it’s even more rewarding for his officers to see the excited and pleasantly surprised expressions on children’s faces after one of our officers has “issued them a ticket coupon” for a job well done.
Operation Chill, in addition to rewarding good behavior in children, also offers opportunities for police officers to connect with our community’s youth in a non-law enforcement situation and establish good relationships and a sense of community.
“Our officers enjoy participating in this program, as it offers a positive and fun way to interact with our community’s young people,” added Chief Azzopardi.
During 2017, 7-Eleven will issue up to 1.33 million Slurpee© coupons to nearly 1,000 law enforcement agencies in the nation.
The warm summer months of June and July are not only the perfect time to chill out with a refreshing semi-frozen, carbonated, flavored beverage, aka Slurpee©, but it’s also a perfect time for police-community involvement. Why? According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2015 Uniform Crime Report, the highest percentage of crime occurs in August, with concentrations almost as high in June and July.

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