Caltrain Electrification Work Starting August 14 in South San Francisco and San Bruno

South San Francisco, CA     August 12, 2017  Submitted by Robert Riechel SB Patch

Starting August 14, construction activities are scheduled to begin in South San Francisco and San Bruno as part of the Caltrain Electrification Project. Upcoming work includes tree pruning/removal, utility potholing and relocation, and signal/communication equipment inspection. No trees will be removed from private or City property in South San Francisco for the upcoming foundation work. No trees will be affected in the City of San Bruno. After tree pruning/removal occurs, crews will begin work on the foundations for the overhead contact system poles.

Work will take place during the day and at night. Night activities will occur between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. To mitigate noise and other impacts during nighttime activities, the field team will utilize acoustical barrier blankets, and will position lights away from residential, roadways, and business areas. We apologize for any inconvenience you might experience while we work to deliver these critical benefits to our communities.

Please visit our website at to sign-up for weekly construction updates. If you have questions or comments about the upcoming work, please call our dedicated Project Hotline at 650.399.9659 or email Thank you for your patience and understanding.

About the Project
Caltrain electrification will allow Caltrain to operate quieter, cleaner, more frequent and/or faster train service to more riders. Increased capacity and improved service will help Caltrain meet the increasing ridership demand and alleviate regional traffic congestion. The new electric trains are scheduled to be operational in 2021.

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