Help Emergency Responders in Texas

South San Francisco, CA    August 31, 2017  

This crossed our desk and seemed worthy of sharing since some have asked what they can do to support the police, firefighters, EMS, and others that are working rescue in Texas and have lost their property along with everything else.



If you are asked by friends, associates, etc., how can they donate to help officers who have lost their homes to flood waters, direct them to donate to:


Any person who chooses to donate needs to indicate that the donation is related to the Harvey Relief Effort.

100% of the donations (no administrative costs, expenses, etc.) will be used to assist and help officers who have suffered great personal loses due to Harvey’s flood waters.




This is a immediate request for unused fire/rescue/EMS department or company t-shirts of any and all sizes to be distributed to Texas Firefighters (and their families) who have suffered property losses. The shirts will provide them with something new to wear after losing so much, and it also allows them to wear the logo of those departments, locals, associations and fire companies that were able to help.


If your fire department, EMS or rescue squad, association or local is able to help, by sending some of YOUR DEPARTMENT T-SHIRTS, please send them to:


Fire Shirts

c/o Texas State Fire Marshals Office
333 Guadalupe Street 

Austin, TX 78701


The t-shirts will be provided specifically to firefighters, EMT’s and medics who have suffered losses over the last few days. This is the same that was done for Firefighters impacted by Katrina and it was very helpful and appreciated.

Take Care. be Careful. Pass It On.


The Secret List 8/30/2017-1730 Hours


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