People Behaving Awesome – South City Style!

South San Francisco, CA  August 12, 2017

Too often we see the negative things around town, around our world yet there really is so much good that deserves equal attention. Many times these good things are small things, little stitches that weave together the fabric of who we are. Today Laura Michaelis witnessed a good deed in action and was kind enough to snap a photo to share with us. We’d like to find out who this woman is so we can big her a Big South City thank you for helping to keep our city clean!


“I don’t know who you are or where you’re from, but I would like to say thank you. You stopped in the middle of the crosswalk at Grand and Airport and picked up litter and put it in it’s place this morning as you were leaving the coffee shop to the bus stop. You are awesome!!! We need more people like her in SSF!!”


Who is this South City do-good’er? We’d LOVE to thank them!
Photo: Laura Michaelis


Everything South City will be sending Laura a Peet’s Coffee gift card – and we have one for this woman – if we can find her!

We thank Laura Michaelis’ capturing some of the good in our City and ask our neighbors – if you see good happening around town – let us know at CLICK HERE and we just might have little ‘something something’ for you too!




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