San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa Offers Intern Positions

South San Francisco, CA   August 23, 2017 Submitted by Office of SMC Supervisor David Canepa


Would you like the chance to learn more about the work of an elected official?

San Mateo County Supervisor David J. Canepa internship program allows students to provide unpaid administrative support and learn more about the work that they do on behalf of constituents.

Interns work with Supervisor Canepa and his team of Legislative Aides. They perform a variety of administrative tasks and have the opportunity to observe the day to day business of the Supervisor and his team firsthand.

Other Requirements: Interview, resume
Availability: Internship availability limited
Salary: Positions are unpaid

Job Description:
Interns work in the office of the Supervisor or within the district. Positions are usually given to students and are unpaid. Interns work with the Supervisor and his staff. By observing firsthand, they develop political awareness and job skills.

Interns assist with a wide variety of administrative tasks. They distribute correspondence, handle mail and manage phone calls. They work on special projects and assist in planning events. Interns must attend meetings, and briefings to remain informed about current legislative issues. Interns complete research as needed and report findings to the Supervisor and his staff.

Interns work not only for the Supervisor, but also for their staff members assisting in their daily tasks. Because it is a learning position, interns are exposed to a variety of tasks and must be flexible in their expectations.

Application Information:
Send a note to Mike on my staff ( with “Supervisor Canepa Internship Program” in the subject line.

*Please share with any students that you think may be interested.

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