SSFPD Media Release: Battery and Child Annoyance (UPDATE)

South San Francisco, CA  August 2, 2017  Submitted by SSFPD

On 08-01-2017, Detectives with the South San Francisco Police Department followed  up  on investigative leads in this case and developed possible suspect information. Using that information, at approximately 3:10pm, Detectives and Officers contacted the possible suspect near the area  where  the crime occurred. The suspect was subsequently positively  identified  as  63  year-old  Anthony  Miron. Miron is a local transient and  was confirmed  to be an out of compliance 290 PC Sex Registrant.  Miron was arrested on numerous felony charges and transported to the San  Mateo  County  Main  Jail  in Redwood City.


Original Report CLICK HERE

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