SSFPD Media Release: Shooting on the 300 block of B Street

South San Francisco, CA  August 15, 2017 Submitted by SSFPD  

On August  13th,  2017 at approximately  4:01 PM, the South San Francisco  Police Department  received a 911 call from a resident on the 300 block of B Street, who reported  they  heard  a gunshot in the area.  An unidentified male subject in his teens fired several shots from a handgun  towards  West  Orange Avenue at another unidentified male subject walking on the 300 block of B Street towards West Orange Avenue. After the gun shot was heard, two male subjects in their late  teens or early  20’s were seen running from B Street onto West Orange Avenue towards Myrtle Avenue. No one was struck  from the shots and  no damaged  property  was located.  Anyone with information  related  to this incident  is urged to contact  the South San Francisco  Police Department at 650-877-8900,  the anonymous TIP  line at 650-952-2244 or via email at

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5 years ago

True that. A parking ticket was issued while investigating shots fired on b street minutes after cops Guess quota more important than actually protecting our community. Wtg

5 years ago

The police seems unable to find the perps and always ask for info when they can’t solve a crime, but they can write dozens of citations. I’d rather they find the criminals with guns than crow about all the citations they write.