Email Scams Continue – Always Be Aware!!

South San Francisco, CA   September 27, 2017 

“There’s a sucker born every minute” or so goes the adage associated with P. T. Barnum and the fact we all are susceptible to falling prey to gimmicks and fraudulent scams that continue to surround us, and even more so in our digital world.

We appreciate this reminder that we must really read our email header and be sure who has sent them prior to opening them, and even more scrutiny is needed before ever downloading something from an email. A South San Francisco resident sent us this email received from what appears FedEX yet has a address which is clearly a tip that this is not authentic. Rather than follow any stated direction from an email, as exampled by this one instructing a download, always check with your own sources of contact: business website, email addresses, and phone numbers, as a precaution.

So often we are in a hurry and just go on automatic opening emails, downloading info that we believe is needed, yet too often our privacy is compromised. For more tips on scams and how to protect yourself CLICK HERE


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