Fall Composting Tips from South San Francisco Scavengers

South San Francisco, CA  September 23, 2017  

Fall is in the air and so are some great ideas from our South San Francisco Scavengers Company as they encourage neighbors to help compost their left over food scraps by adding to the green bins they have provided as part of their service to our community.


Food scraps are only wasted if placed in the garbage.

Put food scraps in your organics cart or bin and we’ll make fuel and compost!





It is easy enough to be part of this movement to help reduce the creation of food waste and then to compost what is left.

“Food just does not belong down a drain or in a landfill.” Teresa Montgomery with the Scavenger’s  said “SaveTheFood.com has dozens of food waste reduction tips. Take a look at some of the food storage tips and at the recipes that utilize leftovers and over-ripe fruit.”

To learn more about composting please contact the Scavengers  CLICK HERE or call 589.4020

For other great recycling programs from San Mateo County Recyclable Works CLICK HERE

Save the Food identifies one of the main reasons for food waste and how to remedy it and offers hundreds of excellent ways to save money, reduce waste by storing food properly, and live simpler!


Check it out now CLICK HERE

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