Free Bocce Lessons at Orange Memorial Park Through September

South San Francisco, CA   September 7, 2017  Submitted by Bill Green

Free Bocce lessons are being offered by the Italian American Citizens Club and the SSF Parks and Recreation


The Italian American Citizens Club with SSF Park and Recreation Dept. are offering FREE Bocce lessons 10:30 am and 6:30 pm each Thursday through out the month of September, at Orange Ave. park Bocce Courts.
(behind the swimming pool, across parking lot, next to tennis courts).

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Gary Hayden
Gary Hayden
1 year ago

I have been trying to pay my dues.

I need a mailing address


Daniel Deveron Baker
Daniel Deveron Baker
3 years ago

Wonderful! Perhaps I won’t have to wait until I retire to get to play bocce ball! Do people who join the bocce club still have to (also) join the SSF Italian American Citizens Club? (Or are the two one and the same?). How much to join after September? How long does each class last?