Happy 6th Birthday to Jayden – and Shouts Out to Officer Jason Smith

South San Francisco, CA    September 10, 2017 

6 year old Jayden holding one of his most prized gifts given to him by SSF Police Officer Jason Smith
Jayden wants to be a police officer one day


Only a kid, yet he knows what he wants to be when he grows up; a police officer. So of course that would be the theme Jayden chose for his 6th birthday party, knowing his 25 invited friends would also be excited.

But wait, there is more – Jayden’s mom Megan Hopkins-Jennings shared part of this special day with us.

“South San Francisco Police Officer Jason Smith made Jayden’s birthday a huge success!” she said “Even though it was his day off, he came to my son’s party and took pictures with all the kids. Then he let them do the lights and sirens, all 25 of them! He was so kind and patient!”


South San Francisco Police Officer Jason Smith is a hero to us all as he attended Jayden’s 6th birthday, on his day off.
“I want SSF to know we have such an amazing member in our community and police department” Jayden’s mom said.



SSF Police Officer Jason Smith gave the opportunity for 6 year old Jayden to test out skills he will need when he becomes a police officer one day. ‘Lock ’em up!’ laughs Jayden



Twenty-five kids at Jayden’s birthday party were treated to lights-n-sirens thanks to SSF Police Officer Jason Smith’s kindness and patience.


We ask you join us in Saluting Officer Smith

as we wish JAYDEN a very special Happy 6th Birthday

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