South San Francisco Goes International: Signs in Lucca Italy

South San Francisco, CA  September 25, 2017

Matthew Teglia was good enough to share this photo on our social media as he is enjoying some travel in Europe “Driving around in Lucca, Italy today (SSF Sister City) and saw this road sign. Pretty cool” he wrote.



After sharing this on our social media we were delighted to know other neighbors agreed, this is very cool!

Rob Knight nice!
Annette Benvenuti Carroll pretty neat!
Rose Chang Chiu Wow, very cool!
Karen Johanson Awesome!
Roschele Prasad Really nice ?
Touc Benton Looks like they spelled Colma wrong ???
Darlene Bernal Awesome!
Patti Ward Very cool!!
Nick Atchley We worldwide!????
Andrea Matai Im from lucca…??????????
Pamela Innis My family is originally from Lucca! So cool!
Alicia Nicole Rider That’s so awesome
Donna Drago So cool. I remember when my dad and Uncle Jack, former mayor, went to Lucca. Loved their stories
Vinny Vance Colmar is a nice town…
Eddie Chang I’ve always wondered why there’s a place called Little Lucas in SSF. Now I know
Coincidentally, been to all the sister cities except sint-niklaas
Linda Patrick Love being in Luca!!
Joe Buckovic My grand mother was from Lucca.
Lori Franceschi Ansell My great grandparents were from Lucca and I was there in 2007! Amazing place.
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David Casentini
David Casentini
1 year ago

My dad Dante Casentini (or Dan as people knew him) spearheaded the sister city relationship with Lucca in the 70’s when I was just a teen. I remember it well. We still have family there and I now own a small piece of real estate there, visiting at least once a year with my family. This was one of my dad’s greatest joys and accomplishments!