SSFPD Media Release: Injury Accident (Auto/Ped) & DUI Arrest on ECR

South San Francisco, CA  September 12, 2017  Submitted by SSFPD 

On 9-10-17 at approximately 2:17 A.M., Timothy Staubitz (from San Francisco) was driving his vehicle northbound on El Camino Real between Noor Avenue and South Spruce Avenue when he struck a pedestrian in the #2 lane. Staubitz left the scene of the collision and continued to drive northbound on El Camino Real. Staubitz returned to the scene a few minutes later and admitted to being involved in the collision. The pedestrian suffered major injuries and was transported to a local hospital. The pedestrian is expected to survive his injuries. Staubitz was determined to be operating his vehicle under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. Staubitz was placed under arrest for 23153(a) CVC, 23153(b) CVC and 20001(a) CVC and booked into the San Mateo County Jail.


Drivers are reminded that drugs and alcohol can significantly alter a driver’s ability to function while behind the wheel. The South San Francisco Police Department has numerous officers that are specially trained in recognizing symptoms exhibited by persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs (especially while operating motor vehicles). You will likely be arrested if you drink and/ or use drugs and drive while under the influence of either and you risk incarceration, significant fines and driver license suspension. The South San Francisco Police Department reminds you it is not worth your life or the lives of those in our community. Please do not drive while using alcohol or drugs.


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