SSFPD Media Release: September is California Pedestrian Safety Month

South San Francisco, CA   September 2, 2017  Submitted by SSFPD

September is California Pedestrian Safety Month

Remember!  Pedestrians Don’t Have  Armor


The California Office of Traffic Safety is again announcing  that September  is “California Pedestrian Safety Month” which began last year in response to the rising number of pedestrians being killed  and injured  on  California roadways.


The South San Francisco Police Department will be joining with other law enforcement agencies, city and state transportation agencies, pedestrian advocates and walking clubs to promote public awareness aimed at both drivers and pedestrians alike to always be aware of each other and share the road responsibly.


This month draws attention to the 892 pedestrians who were killed on California roadways in 2016 alone, accounting for over 24 percent of all roadways deaths in the state, up from 17 percent just a decade ago. The South San Francisco Police Department has already investigated one fatal and another 15 injury auto vs. pedestrian collisions this year alone. Many injuries are life changing and permanent. Officers will join the effort this month and all year long conducting community outreach, school safety presentations, as well as directed enforcement operations.


The department has mapped out locations over the past several years where pedestrian collisions have occurred along with the violations that led to those collisions. Traffic Officers working overtime and others on routine patrol will be focusing enforcement both on drivers as well as pedestrian who violate traffic laws.


Both drivers and walkers are cautioned to put down the cell phones, since electronic distractions are seen in increasing numbers of pedestrian crashes. Other factors for drivers include unsafe speed and failure to see and yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and intersections. For pedestrians, the major dangers are jaywalking and thinking that they can be seen at night, especially while wearing dark clothing.




The California  Office of Traffic Safety continues  to remind  motorist  that “Pedestrians Don’t Have  Armor“. This public service announcement highlights the importance of pedestrian safety awareness,  regardless  of whether one is on  foot or behind  the wheel.


Funding for this enforcement campaign is provided to the South San Francisco Police Department by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


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Troy Williams
Troy Williams
3 years ago

The focus should be on the pedestrian. So many deaths happen because they violate 21954(a) CVC. People think they have the right of way every where but they don’t and as a result they so often cross outside of crosswalk with out yielding and assuming it’s their right. more education and attention should focus the in this area. Also those person who were in crosswalks, videos are now showing so many of the killed did not even look at the direction of traffic that Collided I not them. It did not do any good to be dead right.