5th Bay Area Senior Health Policy Forum “Reframing Aging” Set for December 6th at SSF Conference Center

South San Francisco, CA   November 6, 2017  Submitted by Lisa LaMagna, Public Relations for the Senior Health Policy Forum


2017 Bay Area Senior Health Policy Forum Conference Schedule


This year’s forum will take place on Wednesday December 6, 2017 with registration starting at 9am at the South San Francisco Conference Center 255 South Airport Boulevard. If you have questions please contact Katherine Kelly – (415) 292-8705 or email kkelly@onlok.org

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*$55 Early Bird Rate thru Nov 17th  *$65 after November 17  *Online Registration Deadline: November 30, 2017



The Forum

Visit the Session Speakers page for a full list of this year’s speakers.

9:00am – Registration & Breakfast

9:30am – Welcome Remarks – Grace Li, CEO, On Lok and Linda Trowbridge, CEO, Center for Elders’ Independence

10:00am – Keynote Speaker – Dr. E. Percil Stanford: “Why Reframe Aging?  What Is At Stake?”

11:00am – Protecting Aging in the Golden State: A Conversation with Legislators


12:00pm – Networking Lunch

Attendees are encouraged to choose one “track” for the afternoon breakout sessions.  The first hour of each session will provide a deep dive into a topic, and then transition into an hour-long, action-oriented discussion on what we can do as a community to create meaningful change.

1:00pm – Concurrent Breakout Sessions, Part One

(1A) Setting the Stage for Creating Age-Friendly Communities

Many Bay Area counties are undertaking the World Health Organization’s Age-Friendly Communities Initiative to make Bay Area counties and cities more age-friendly for all of us.  What are our local leaders doing to engage with stakeholders and what are the unique findings so far?  How are cities taking different approaches and why is the W.H.O. designation so important?

(2A) Initiatives and Innovative Housing Models Addressing the Needs of the Aging Population

It is apparent to anyone living in the Bay Area that the housing crisis has reached a critical point.  It is imperative that the unique needs of the Bay Area’s aging population don’t get lost in the discussion.  This session will explore innovative housing models by Bay Area leaders, and new ways to think about tackling this key issue.

(3A) A Deep Dive into the Aging Homeless Population

This session takes a critical look at homelessness in older adults within the Bay Area.  Through data, facts, and cases, attendees will be able to identify regional trends in homelessness, understand the impact of geographical location, and define specific pathways into homelessness for older adults.

2:00pm – Break

2:15pm – Concurrent Breakout Sessions, Part Two

(1B) Policy Solutions for “Age-Friendly” Communities

When thinking about how to make communities more age-friendly, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start.  How do you cultivate support from the community and elected officials to actually make age-friendly changes? How have leaders overcome obstacles like NIMBY-ism?  Come learn about actionable steps we can all take to support age-friendly initiatives already underway in our communities.

(2B) How Do You Finance Housing for Seniors and What Are the Policy Solutions to Address Housing?

Building more affordable housing is imperative, but will not address the immediate needs of our aging population, and it’s not the only solution to the housing crisis.  This session will explore creative steps Bay Area housing leaders are already undertaking to address the housing crisis and take meaningful action.  Learn about a landmark package of housing legislation that was signed into law this year, financing models, and programs like home sharing and co-housing.

(3B) How to Address the Unique Needs and Challenges of the Aging Homeless Population

This session will focus on the implications of the growing population of older homeless adults on prevention, service and policy interventions.  We will learn about what we can do to elevate the specific needs and challenges faced by older adults and those at risk for homelessness.

3:15pm – Break

3:30pm – Afternoon Plenary Session – Dr. E. Percil Stanford: “Advancing Policies to Reframe Aging”

4:15pm – Closing Remarks – Grace Li, CEO, On Lok and Linda Trowbridge, CEO, Center for Elders’ Independence


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