Dexur Reports San Mateo County Medicare Enrollees have 2nd Lowest Hospitalization Rate in CA

South San Francisco, CA  November 6, 2017  Submitted by Jeff Maser, Dexur

EDITOR NOTE: Thank you to Jeff Maser for sharing this statistics with us, and for directing us to this excellent resource that everyone can use to research both physicians and hospitals. Dexur is definitely worth bookmarking should you need it for future reference. 

Dexur generates volume, cost and quality metrics for every hospital and physician in the U.S. to help patients make informed medical care decisions. For example, if you wanted to know something like how long diabetic patients are staying at Mills-Peninsula Medical Center for a knee replacement and how much that costs on average, would be an ideal resource. To research your own areas of personal interest CLICK HERE and use the search feature on Dexur’s website.

Dexur data also helps healthcare researchers discover new trends at the state and county level by ranking regions as well as specific hospitals on metrics such as Hospitalization Incidence Rate, Emergency Department Super Utilizer Length of Stay Contribution, Payment per Discharge, Top Volume Physician for Orthopedic Discharges, etc.

The specific analyses within this document uses CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) data. Our data scientists & analysts grouped various medical claims by procedure group & surgery type and used machine-learning algorithms to produce the final statistics.

We recently concluded research on Medicare discharges and readmissions and found that San Mateo County residents had the 2nd lowest inpatient hospitalization rate out of any of the 58 counties in California from October 2015 – September 2016 (most recently available CMS data) with a rate of 16.83 percent.
This is measured as the number of inpatient discharges over total Medicare enrollment within the county and serves to explain the amount of discharges that occur within the county’s Medicare population.
The rate for San Mateo County residents was significantly lower than both the state and national rates, which were 24.37 and 28.8 percent, respectively.
San Mateo County residents also averaged the 3rd lowest readmission rate out of residents from all California counties, with an average all-cause readmission rate of 16.66 percent. This rate is also well below both state and national averages, which are 22.15 and 22.89 percent, respectively.

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