Honoring our Veterans; Resources for Consumer Empowerment

South San Francisco, CA  November 9, 2017  Submitted by Sheri Boles, City of SSF

Honoring our Veterans
November 9, 2017
by Carol Kando-Pineda; Attorney, Consumer & Business Education, FTC

November 11 is Veterans Day. The origins of this annual commemoration reach back nearly 100 years to “Armistice Day,” which marked the end of World War I. Now we call it Veterans Day to honor all who have served. It’s a time to thank veterans for their contributions to our nation.
There are roughly 20 million military veterans in the United States. Whether they’ve been out of the service for decades or they’re currently transitioning to civilian life, they can use helpful tips to manage their money and avoid scams.

On Veterans Day – or any day – you can share information<https://www.militaryconsumer.gov/life-events/veterans-support> from MilitaryConsumer.gov<http://www.militaryconsumer.gov/> to help veterans be empowered consumers.

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