Centennial Village Progress Update (Safeway at ECR and Spruce)

South San Francisco, CA   December 1, 2017 

UPDATE: The owner and developer of the Centennial Village Shopping Center at 180 El Camino Real have confirmed that Safeway will be the anchor for the shopping center.

Construction for the retail center is anticipated to start in July 2018. The first phase of construction will be exterior modifications to the existing shopping center building. The second phase will add 4 new commercial buildings fronting El Camino Real. The design for the new buildings is still in development.

*The City does not own this site, nor has any financial interests in the development, and to date, everything the developer has submitted to the City has been reviewed and approved. – {source SSF Econ & Development 8.24.18 FB post}


Thanks to South San Francisco resident Jaime Gonzalez for bringing this upcoming planning commission meeting agenda to our attention as our City moves forward with the plans for the Safeway shopping center, aka Centennial Village. The Planning Commission will meet next Thursday December 7 at 33 Arroyo Drive at 7pm.

Below is the information updating this property from the City Department:

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