South City ‘Old Timers’ Meet Again

South San Francisco, Ca   December 14, 2017  

Long lost friends Frank Pianca (L) and Aldo Maltoni (C) reunite, thanks to John Kevranian (R)

Always working to better local communities, John Kevranian once again made a big difference by re-uniting two old friends that hadn’t seen each other in decades. Aldo Maltoni and Frank Pianca both graduated from South San Francisco in 1949 and had lost touch through the years.  Kevranian, owner of Nuts for Candy in Burlingame, is looking forward to adding a third friend to this reunion. “Bob Pickle is a customer and graduated in 1948 or 49, and I look forward to getting him together with the others.” Kevranian said who is also a graduate of SSFHS.

What a wonderful story to add cheer to our Holidays as the New Year approaches bringing more meaning to our traditional NY song Auld Lang Syne

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