South San Francisco Unified School District Statement Regarding Arrest Of Paraprofessional

South San Francisco, CA   December 19, 2017 Submitted by Ryan Sebers, Director of Student Services/ PIO

We were recently notified by the South San Francisco Police Department about the arrest of one of our employees on suspicion of sexual misconduct with one or more students at South San Francisco High School. We are deeply concerned about the allegations, and are working in cooperation with the Police Department as they conduct their investigation. The high school is working collaboratively with our District Administration.


We took the appropriate initial disciplinary action, and placed the individual on administrative leave. While we are still learning about the circumstances surrounding the allegations, we are confident that no students are currently in any danger. We believe that this incident was isolated to one school, and that there would be no impact on other schools in the District. Student safety remains a high priority for South San Francisco High School and the District. We will continue to evaluate this incident, and will keep our stakeholders informed as we resolve this unfortunate situation.



Please note SSFHS Principal Cynthia Rapaido contacted parents and guardians of students via text message at 3pm yesterday December 18, 2017 with this same information. In addition SSFUSD Superintendent, Dr. Moore, has this message on the District website CLICK HERE.

Thank you to the concerned parents who reached out inquiring about this unfortunate alleged incident that is being investigated by our Police. 

UPDATE: CLICK HERE for the official police report naming the suspect. 


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Renita Surles
Renita Surles
5 years ago

Two of my sons attend SSFHS and have Ms. Linares as an instructor. I was completely shocked and horrified upon reading about the sexual misconduct charges she is facing. I asked if they had ever been approached or involved in such this inappropriate behavior and to my relief they both answered no, but were NOT surprised to hear of her arrest as they both were well aware conduct through 1st had accounts from friends.

5 years ago

She has been doing this for years . There are also other students that were involved in the previous years. RV is one of the many as well. This student was class of 2017. Also had intercourse with this teacher. That being the case she should get put into prison.