Colma Creek Habitat Restoration & Creek Clean Up Saturday January 20th – Meet at 310 Utah Ave South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA   January 12, 2018 Submitted by Aaron Francis, County of San Mateo DPW

The County of San Mateo is hosting a planting/cleanup event and we were hoping you could post it to your site. The event is centered on planting native marsh and upland plants in the San Bruno Marsh/Colma Creek area, as well as conducting a trash cleanup. This event will take place near the SF Bay Trail behind 310 Utah Ave on Saturday, January 20th, 2018

For more information please go to CLICK HERE or call 650/ 363-1872



Where is the creek located?

South San Francisco, Daly City, Colma and Unincorporated San Mateo County.

Where does the creek flow?

Colma Creek runs to San Francisco Bay from the San Bruno Mountains.

Interesting Facts:

  • In 2006, 448 volunteers dedicated 1,278 hours to restoring the upper watershed of Colma Creek by planting 8,700 native plants within the San Bruno State and County Park. Restoration efforts also consisted of the removal of invasive plants, including 50 large and 100 small eucalyptus and cypress trees, the English and Cape Ivy, and the Himalayan blackberry.
  • Also in 2006, the San Mateo County Flood Control District created 3.7 acres of upland and salt marsh habitat at the mouth of Colma Creek, and continues to plant native species and remove invasive species from the restoration site. This habitat restoration area can be enjoyed by walking, jogging, or biking along the adjacent San Francisco Bay Trail.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Invasive plants are not Colma Creek’s only problem! Despite aggressive restoration efforts, litter continues to remain a pollution issue (shown in the picture above). For volunteer opportunities to help keep this creek clean, call Flows to Bay at 650/363-1872

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