El Camino Alumni Soccer Game, January 5, 2018

South San Francisco, CA  January 6, 2018  Submitted by Maryanne Mathiesen

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Maryanne Mathiesen

I wanted to share this wonderful community event that took place the other evening, Friday, January 5, at 6:00 pm at El Camino High School’s football field


An El Camino Alumni Soccer game was held with El Camino Soccer Alumni and El Camino’s 2017 – 2018 soccer teams. It was a wonderful sight to behold as players played in the rain with determination and comradery.


Our beloved Coach Ken Anderson was in all his glory acting as both coach and referee. Coach Ken watched as past and present players moved swiftly on the field with the knowledge that each player shares a commonality with him – he is the head coach of the El Camino Varsity Soccer team and is in his 24th season of coaching. It is a testament to Coach Ken to see players, past and present, thrive on the field and in life. For each player knows that their time spent with Coach Ken learning lessons on and off the soccer field are the most important lessons that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Photo credit:
Maryanne Mathiesen


While there was a score kept, each player left that field with the knowledge that they are one great big family of El Camino’s Varsity Soccer teams and especially of Coach Ken Anderson. (For the record: El Camino Soccer Alumni won with 5 goals; El Camino Soccer 2017 – 2018 scored 3 goals

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