FACEBOOK Changes on How, Where to Find Everything South City and Other Pages in Your Feed

South San Francisco, CA    January 12, 2018    by Angela Silva, Savvy Social Strategies

Hi everyone! Facebook is making some big changes in the News Feed. If you would like to see our posts in your feed, you will need to follow these instructions to update your News Feed Preferences.

To view your News Feed preferences:

-Click the black triangle in the top right corner of the blue bar (located next to the black question mark icon) on your Facebook page.

-Select News Feed Preferences

-Click “Prioritize who to see first”

-Find Everything South City or another favorite need to see page, and click on it, a star should appear

-Click on “Done”.

Facebook is making these changes to help improve the user experience by keeping the majority of the posts in your feed from People vs. Pages as a default.

Graphic by Savvy Social Strategies


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