Buri Buri Neighborhood Alert – Reminder to all South City Residents

South San Francisco, CA    February 22, 2018 

South San Francisco neighbors continue to report door to door solicitors and ask us who is legit and who is not. The City of South San Francisco requires all door to door businesses to obtain a permit before hitting the street thereby vetting their legitimacy with the intent of safety for residents. Recently the City added a section to the website allowing neighbors to identify if a solicitor / peddler is legally conducting their business. CLICK HERE to read more.  At the time of this writing there are no permits recorded for door to door sales.

A Buri Buri neighbor contacted us with a warning and while this happened in that neighborhood, it is good remind us all that when we see something suspicious we need to call 911 to ensure safety, not only for ourselves, but our most vulnerable residents.

Heads up to Buri-Buri neighbors! This afternoon (Wednesday) around 3:30 in the afternoon, I was working in my kitchen and had my garage door opened. I glanced out of window and saw a rough looking character walking up my driveway carrying a backpack. I think he caught a glimpse of me because he dropped the backpack and continued up to my front door and rang the bell. I quickly walked out of the garage and said, “what’s up?” He said, “My names Angelo, I do landscaping and was wondering if you need a hand?”Create Appointment
My lawn is one of the nicest in the neighborhood and was just mowed Saturday. “I said does it look like it needs any help?” “He said you’re mowing it too short, it should be three inches long. I told him no thanks, at which time he walked away, picked up his backpack and got on a blue mountain bike which he had left on the sidewalk. He rode away fast, not stopping at any other homes. He was last seen heading towards the stairs leading to El Camino, at the end of Alta Loma.
“Angelo”, was a white male, about 5’8, 35-40 yrs. old. He was possibly homeless as it looked like he’d been living in his clothes. (not dirty from work, I know the difference.) I have no doubt that if I didn’t see him or visa versa, he would have grabbed whatever he could out of my garage. I called SSFPD and I saw a patrol vehicle cruising around shortly after.

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