Coyote Mating Season January through March – Be Aware of Small Pets

South San Francisco, CA    February 14, 2018  

The coyote was on the baseball field behind Sunshine Gardens school. In the picture of the coyote near the home, that is when it was leaving the school and headed away on Miller Avenue (where the school is).
Credit: BA

California Coyotes mate between the months of late January and March with the season peaking late February through early March. Gestation typically runs 58 to 63 days. It is especially important to keep watch over your small pets during the time of mating because the males become more aggressive. Coyotes may also attempt to mate with dogs, an added word of caution is needed. In addition the first few months of birth is another vulnerable time and we must again take precaution since mothers tend to be more protective over their young.

Coyotes mate for life and we must do what we can to protect them. Do not feed them, do not try to domesticate them, they are wild and we do best by allowing them to remain wild. Should coyotes become problematic they cannot be re-located and maybe be euthanized.  So those who believe they are helping coyotes by feeding them and encouraging them to become tame are actually doing a disservice to these wild creatures.

To keep updated on the coyotes in South San Francisco please CLICK HERE.



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