Mark Nagales Announces Candidacy for South San Francisco City Council

South San Francisco, CA    February 4, 2018  Press Release


Mark Nagales is seeking a seat on our City Council in the 2018 Election. For more information please go to his website


30 January 2018 – South San Francisco, CA: Mark Nagales, a long-time aide to Congresswoman Jackie Speier and current South San Francisco Planning Commissioner, has announced his intention to run for South San Francisco City Council in the November 2018 election.

A dedicated public servant, Mark Nagales is an experienced community leader who brings his public service experience from working on the Federal, State and local levels. Mark is currently the Constituent Services Director for Congresswoman Jackie Speier, and previously served as a Senior Aide to former California State Assemblymember Gene Mullin. Throughout Mark’s career, he has worked tirelessly to help seniors, veterans, families, and children access valuable services. His experience helping numerous South San Francisco residents gives him a crucial perspective on solving local issues.

“I am running to ensure that my hometown of South San Francisco remains a safe, prosperous, and vibrant place for all families in our community,” Mark said. “I will be a champion for all South San Francisco residents.”

Mark has already received early endorsements from Congresswoman Jackie Speier, California State Senator Jerry Hill, California State Assemblymember Kevin Mullin, San Mateo County Supervisors Don Horsley and Warren Slocum, South San Francisco City Councilmembers Mark Addiego and Pradeep Gupta, former California State Assemblymember Gene Mullin, former South San Francisco Mayors Pedro Pedro Gonzalez and John Penna, all members of the South San Francisco Unified School Board, all members of South San Francisco’s Parks and Recreation Commission, a majority of South San Francisco’s Planning Commission, and a growing list of South San Francisco residents and community leaders.

“South San Francisco instilled in me the important values of listening to diverse opinions, helping neighbors in need, and giving back to your community,” Mark said. “I will bring new energy, a fresh voice, and strong leadership to the city council. I will be open, transparent, and accountable to the people of South San Francisco.”

Mark has lived in South San Francisco for over 30 years, attending Los Cerritos Elementary School, Alta Loma Middle School, and South San Francisco High School. Mark attended San Francisco State University and graduated in 2003 with a double major in History and Political Science. Mark and his wife Amy live in South San Francisco’s Westborough neighborhood with their son Aidan and their baby daughter Josephine.

Mark and Amy wanted to make South San Francisco their home to raise their kids. Like many families in South San Francisco, the current affordable housing crisis made owning a home seemed like an unattainable dream. Moving out of the community that Mark has loved since childhood seemed inevitable. However, thanks to a first-time homebuyers program, Mark and his young family were able to become homeowners and stay in South San Francisco. He has used this experience to fuel his passion for supporting working-class families.

As a Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Mark saw firsthand the importance of affordable parks and recreation services to improve quality of life. Mark will advocate for affordable fees for families to access parks and recreation services. Having played sports in South San Francisco from Little League to high school, Mark knows the importance of well-maintained playing fields, and pledged to make this issue a priority for the city council.

As a Planning Commissioner, Mark has consistently advocated for affordable housing. Mark said, “When housing developments have been presented to the Planning Commission, I have asked, ‘Does this project help the overall affordable housing crisis?’” On numerous occasions when housing developments have been presented to the Planning Commission, Mark has been able to win concessions for below market-rate housing. “These wins are for everyday South San Francisco families,” Mark said.

“I will never forget where I came from and how much this community has given me,” Mark said. “You will always know where I stand and what I believe in.”

Learn more about Mark Nagales at and


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