A Community Park for Sunshine Gardens- Sign the Petition NOW!

South San Francisco, CA   March 30, 2018  Submitted by Angelique Presidente

Editor’s note: South San Francisco residents in the Sunshine Gardens neighborhood have vocally petitioned for a local park for years and in recent years have watched their area become more congested with high density building creating more traffic congestion and they are left wondering – where are the kids to play? Where is their local park? A petition has been created and Sunshine Gardens neighbors are asking for support from all to help them achieve what should have been included in their area long, long ago.



What better way to build community than a community park. A place to gather, socialize, get fit, build community ties, increase safety and awareness. With childhood obesity growing at an alarming rate in San Mateo County, we need to utilize our shared resources and partner with our neighbors to come out of our homes to ensure a legacy of healthy minds and bodies.

  1. Community Parks increase property values
  2. South San Francisco has the highest rate of Childhood obesity / overweight children in all of San Mateo County
  3. Sunshine Gardens is only one of two neighborhoods without a public park
  4. Public Parks encourage strong communities, strong families and safer neighborhoods
  5. High density housing will increase the number of residents in Sunshine Gardens from 7,500 to 8,200 with no public park for its residents.
  6. 20% of the population in SSG are children ages k-12*

Sunshine Gardens Elementary school 11.5 acres of land in the heart of a land locked neighborhood. Most of this land is unused and poorly maintained. Other School owned property has successfully been converted to public use while owned by the district and yet managed by the City. With a shared use policy, we can build neighborhood facility that could be utilized by all citizens regardless of age, race, ethnicity and ability. Help us by encouraging the SSFUSD and the City of SSF to work together to build a park in Sunshine Gardens. I hope you will take a moment to sign the petition and let the School District and the City Council know that we need a park in Sunshine Gardens. Thank you.




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