Business Pickup Lines; Hone Your Networking Practice FREE Workshop March 29th in San Bruno

South San Francisco, CA    March 13, 2018    Hosted by Skyline College and Bay Area Entrepreneur 


How do you stand out at a networking event?

Learn how at the Business Networking Pickup Lines Workshop. There is no cost to attend and lots of valuable insight to gain.

WHEN: Thursday, March 29 at 6 PM – 8 PM

WHERE:Bay Area Entrepreneur Center  458 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno


There will be NO NAPPING during this session. In this workshop everyone will stand up, talk, move around, and learn professional networking engagement techniques. David Spark, author of “Three Feet from Seven Figures: One-on-One Engagement Techniques to Qualify More Leads at Trade Shows” challenges the extroverted and the most introverted to come to this session and learn how to make in-person cold connections, find *the* person in the room you need to talk to, and qualify a person for a potential business relationship.

Who is David Spark?
David Spark (@dspark) is a veteran tech journalist and founder of the brand journalism firm, Spark Media Solutions. Since 1996, Spark and his articles have appeared in more than 40 media outlets including eWEEK, Wired News, PCWorld, John C. Dvorak’s “Cranky Geeks,” and TechTV (formerly ZDTV). Spark also squandered more than a dozen years working as a touring standup comedian, a San Francisco tour guide, and comedy writer for The Second City in Chicago. Today, Spark co-hosts the weekly Tear Down Show podcast, contributes to Forbes, and blogs regularly on the Spark Minute.

Film & Photo Release: Please note that video and photographs will be taking place at the event. By entering the event location during the event, you agree that the Bay Area Entrepreneur Center can use these videos and photographs for educational, marketing, advertising and other related endeavors for our activity.


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